Biking in Indochina to visit the 3 countries is one of the great experiences in life as you will be able to see a lot. From Thailand to Cambodia where you will see the difference. Entering the former Khmer Rouge stronghold in Pailin reminds the past bad experience in Cambodia and seeing the change they have now and the Angkor historical complex on the back road. The bustling Phom Penh capital, then heads south to the less-visited town and cross the quiet border to cycle along Mekong Delta to Saigon.

Day 1: Bangkok-Rayong (Cycling 50km) ( L  )
8:00 Am meet with our guide in your hotel and brief on the tour and check the bike. Then transfer to Pattaya. It used to be US marine base, now booming with nightlife activities. Start cycling by taking the coastline road by the sea around 50km. Stop for lunch. Late afternoon, we arrive in Rayong.  Dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight in Rayong at the beach hotel.

Overnight in Rayong

Day 2: Rayong-Chantaburi (Cycling 60km) ( B, L )
Breakfast at the hotel. Start biking to the mangrove study center at around 60km. On the way, we stop and pay visits and talk to local people, and see how they earn their livings. At the mangrove, we can walk around and visit one of the most successful forest restoration projects in Thailand. Then check-in and spend the night in Chantaburi. Dinner at a local restaurant.

Overnight in Chantaburi

Day 3: Chantaburi-Pailin (Cycling 47km) ( B, L  )
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to Pongnamron and start cycling to the border 27km. After the immigration, lunch at a local restaurant. Then cycling 20km to Pailin town located on the foothills of the scenic Cardamom mountains. Pailin used to be Khmer Rouge Strong-hold survived by trading gemstones. Until 1998, Khmer Rouge demobilized their forces into the government army, then the town had got completely peace. The town is now home to some of the former Khmer Rouge leaders who are – now in jail awaiting an international tribunal. After cycling on the dirt red bumpy road, we arrive in the small dusty town of Pailin. View sunset at Phnom Yat to overlook Pailin. This temple on Phnom Yat hill is more for the Kula Muslim minority who earn their living in the gemstone business. The Muslim minority made up 5% of the whole population in Cambodia. Return to the hotel for a shower and welcome dinner.

Overnight in Pailin.

Day 4: Pailin-Battambang (85km) ( B , L  )
Breakfast at the hotel. Fill the water and briefing on the road condition and water stop. After the town, there are a few climbs and then downhill. Watch for large potholes, and cows might be crossing the road with the string so there might a trap. We cycle along this Cadarmom mountain range passing the rice field and we won’t be tired as the kids like to say hello and wave from their houses. Recently, the road from Pailin to Battambang has been improved. We stop for water, snack, and drink under a big shade of a tree. Then continue cycling another 20km before stopping for lunch in Sneung overlooking a nearby temple near the road. A little rest on the mat would be good. After lunch we cycle another 20km to Phnom Sampov, overlooking the hilltop pagoda and the cave. Just 15km to Battambang, we do a bit of transfer to avoid the busy traffic in town. Battambang used to be the second biggest city but now become a relaxed town where Siem Reap is getting more boom. Situated on the bank of the Sangker River, Battambang has many French colonial buildings and traditional Cambodian houses. It is worth taking the Bamboo train as the local railway is running only twice a week for passenger trains and the cargo train is running more often. So local people enjoy taking more bamboo trains.

Overnight in Battambang.

Day 5: Battambang-Siem Reap (18km) ( B , L )
An early breakfast before cycling for 15 minutes to board the boat to Siem Reap. The boat has a toilet and life jacket and takes about 6 – 7 hours. It is one of the best boat trips in Cambodia to cross the Sangker river viewing the fishermen and all their activities on the river. Then crossing Tonle Sap lake (South East Asia’s largest freshwater lake). It is the main reserve for water when the Mekong is flooded, without the lake, Cambodia will be flooded every year. In the rainy season, the water reaches 10,000 square Km when it is only 5,000 square km in the dry season. The lake is as important for the human being and the fish, birds, and other wild animals. One hour before reaching the dock, the boat passes Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary home and breeding area for thousands of water birds.

After crossing Tonle Sap lake, we arrive at Chong Kneas floating village. The village combines Cambodian, Muslim, and Vietnamese and they move up and down depending on the season. All the houses are floating with the support of bamboo. After arrival at the dock, get off and prepare to ride a bicycle 15km to our hotel.

Overnight in Siem Reap.

Day 6: Siem Reap-Angkor Complex (25km by bicycle) ( B, L )
Depart from the hotel on the main road and cycle through the Angkor pass checkpoint. Cycling through the shady road with a little pumping because of the few potholes. There you will begin to see Kravan temple, Banteay Kdei, and stop at the famous Ta Phrom, embraced by the roots of enormous fig trees and gigantic creepers. Visit Ta Phrom (45 minutes-1 hour). It was built in the 12th century by the famous King Jayavarvan VII indicated to his mother. While clearing back the forest archaeologists decided to leave the vegetation of Ta Phrom in place to serve as a reminder of how the original discoverers found it and the other Angkor temples.

Many of the trees have grown around and through the remains and soar high above the temples. Continue the cycling through a small circuit passing Ta Keo temple, Chao Say Tevoda, and Tommanon before reaching Angkor Thom city. There you will see, the Terrace of Leper King, Terrace of Elephant, Baphoun, and Phimean Akas. Stop at Bayon temple and start the visit (45 minutes-1 hour). Angkor Thom was built by Cambodia’s great king, Jayavarman VII.

Overnight in Siem Reap.

Day 7: Banteay Srei and River of Thousand Lingas (90km) ( B, L  )
Depart from the hotel on the main road. Arrive at Angkor Wat and turn left to the west. Continue to cycle 2km before turning right to the rural road. The road is good for cycling as you can avoid the busy traffic but you can see rice fields, villages, and pagoda. Arrive in Banteay Srei before lunch. Visit (45 minutes) Banteay Srei temple known as the women's citadel (built in 967 A.D dedicated to Brahma). While some temples are impressive because of their sheer size, Banteay Srei stands alone in the quality of its construction and decoration. Its pink sandstone walls are decorated with what some consider the best carving of all, and are still in an excellent state of preservation.

Continue cycling to visit Kbal Spean, the River of Thousands Lingas, lying under the river bed, people believe it brings fertility and blessing Angkor area as the river flows to Siem Reap. Walk 1,200meters to visit the Lingas and enjoy lunch and the waterfall. On the way back, cycle on the main road to visit the Landmine Museum of Mr. Akira. Mr. Ra is dedicated to clearing the Cambodian countryside of landmines laid during the years of conflict and relies entirely on visitors’ donations to fund his work.

Overnight in Siem Reap.

Day 8: Rolous Group & Tonle Sap Lake (50km) ( B, L  )
Depart from the hotel, crossing the bridge at Old Market to cycle 15km toward Rolous Group. The first 2km, is on the tarmac road toward the bus station. Then, passing the rice field and the village. Rolous Group was the first capital of the Angkor Empire during 800 A.D. Visit the Pre-Angkorian temples including Preak Ko, Bakong, and Lo Lei. Afternoon, cycling to Tonle Sap Lake. Turn left at the crocodile farm crossing the bridge. Then cycle on a small road along the river through villages, pagodas, and schools. This road is good for cycling to avoid busy traffic. After cycling 8km, turn right across the bridge to the main road as there is no further access on the small road. Continue cycling toward the hill about 3km (July-December) where the boat stop. (Note: January-June, the water is low and the boat will stop further 3km). Board the boat to visit the floating village, floating school, and fishing farm. After a 1-hour boat drive. Return the Siem Reap on the main road to avoid cycling on the same road.

Overnight in Siem Reap.

Day 9: Siem Reap Speed boat to Phnom Penh (18km) ( B,  L  )
Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to board speedboat to Phnom Penh. This boat trip takes 6 hours; the boat has a life jacket and toilet. It is one of the best boat trips to cross Tonle Sap lake, one of the biggest freshwater lakes in South-East Asia. When the boat leaves the dock, immediately you will be able to view the picturesque floating village. This community comprises Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Muslim minorities. The market, gas station, and school are also floating. They move up and down depending on the season. In the rainy season, Tonle Sap lake reaches 10,000 square Km, but in the dry season, it’s got only 5,000 square Km. Arrive in Phnom Penh port, afternoon visit Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, and National Museum.

Overnight in Phnom Penh.

Day 10: Phnom Penh (35 km) ( B , L )
Breakfast at the hotel. Today be guided through this bustling city to explore the main sights by bike, including Wat Phnom and Cheung Ek killing field. Phnom Penh has got more than 1 million population and the traffic has become very busy now. There is another option to visit the city by van. In the afternoon, visit the Independence Monument, Tuol Sleng Museum, and Russian Market.

Overnight in Phnom Penh.

Day 11: Phnom Penh – Kirirom (70km) ( B , L  )
Breakfast at the hotel. We transfer to Kampong Speu and start cycling from the gasoline station on the road No.4 to Kirirom National Park to visit Chombok community activities with the representative of the project to learn about the indigenous culture and the history of the area and the daily life of the people living in the community. Overnight at home-stay and experience rural Cambodia at its most authentic.

Day 12: Kirirom-Sihanouk Ville (75km) ( B , L )
Early morning to see the bird and walking 1km to enjoy a variety of different attractions including a 40m high waterfall, variety of plants and animals while discovering the breathtaking nature and landscape. Continue cycling to Sihanouk Ville. We transfer by van at the junction road to Sre Ambel and keep the hill part for the next day when we are fresh.

Overnight in Sihanouk Ville .

Day 13: Sihanouk Ville – Ream National Park (50km) ( B , L )
Breakfast at the hotel and early morning enjoy swimming at the beach. Then cycle 25km through 3 hills to take the boat trip to Ream National Park to visit the mangrove forest. Relax at the quiet beach before hiking 45 minutes to 1 hour through the jungle to the village where lunch is prepared by the local family. Relax on the boat and observe patiently to see the dolphin. Afternoon, return to Sihanouk Ville for relaxing at the beach.

Day 14: Sihanouk Ville – Free Day ( B )
Breakfast at the hotel. Free day to relax at the beach and explore the town on your own. (B)

Day 15: Sihanoukville – Kampot (95 km) ( B , L )
Breakfast at the hotel. Today, we cycle 95km in one of the most challenging parts of Cambodia. We begin with the 15km through 3 hills from Sihanouk Ville. It is breathtaking but more downhill than uphill. So we can enjoy the ride before the first snack stop. Turn right at Veal Ring after 43km toward Kampot and the rest of the day is flat. We cycle passing the fishing village and the Muslim Mosque, the scenery changes from the beach area to the mountain range where we cycle along the Bokor Mountain National Park until Kampot. Kampot is a more quiet town and famous for its pepper and durian production.

Overnight in Kampot.

Day 16: Kampot – Kep – Kampot (53km) ( B , L )
Breakfast at the hotel. Cycle to Kep beach town, a less visited beach than Sihanouk Ville. On the way, we visit Sar Sea Cave on the hilltop. Arrive in Kep, we board the board to Rabbit Island. Enjoy a picnic lunch and relax on the quiet beach. Swim and snorkeling before returning to Kampot overnight.

Overnight in Kampot.

Day 17: Kampot – Takeo (85km) ( B , L )
After breakfast, we cycle heading to Takeo, the less-traveled town in Cambodia but it has much history related to the first Khmer civilization when the first Kingdom was established in the early century. It was known as Funan or Nokor Phnom means the Kingdom of the Hill. Enjoy packed lunch and overlook the scenery of the countryside. After lunch, we continue the cycle to Takeo passing Ta Mok’s house, the former general commander of the Khmer Rouge. Board on the boat for sunset to Phnom Da to visit the hilltop temple former the capital of the Khmer Empire in the early century known as Funan.

Overnight in Mittapheap Guesthouse.

Day 18: Takeo Cross Border Chau Doc ( Vietnam ) (78km) ( B, L )
Early breakfast. Fill in water and check the visa for Vietnam one more time as the Vietnam visa has to be done in advance. Cycle 53km to Phnom Den border crossing point. Take a break in half for a water stop. After immigration, say goodbye to our Cambodian driver. Lunch at the local restaurant at the border. After lunch, cycle to discover along the Mekong Delta road into the beautiful green countryside. Along the way, you will see rice fields and water buffalos nearby the road. Arrive in Chau Doc, those with energy to spare can climb Sam Mountain for sunset!

Overnight in Chau Doc.

Day 19: Chau Doc – Can Tho (60km+cycling) ( B, L )
After breakfast, we leave for the floating houses on the upper Mekong river by boat where we can see plenty of catfishes, and red snappers… breeding under right their houses. What is an amazing life! Then keep boating to visit the Cham village with about 12.000 people who those are weaving sarongs, hats…by hands as keeping their ancestral tradition. Walk to the mosques where Muslims pray and teach Cham kids in Arabic for a while. Then we start cycling along incredible country roads from Chau Doc to Bachuc along the border or re-trace back to triton (depending on road conditions). The cycling starts to gently undulate and mountains begin to loom as you ride out off Chau Doc. The presence of Thot Not trees indicates the growing proximity to Cambodia and the local people speak Vietnamese as their second language. This afternoon, you will cycle to the killing fields of Vietnam at Bachuc, where Polpot’s regime massacred over 3,000 Vietnamese in 1978.

Overnight in Can Tho.

Day 20: Cantho – Travinh (80km+cycling ) ( B, L )
After breakfast, there will be time to explore side tracks and trails as the cycling distance today is not far. This gives a great first impression of the “heart of Mekong”. We take the first short boat trip to Vinh Long, one of the famous fruit towns in the Mekong. Then you bike along narrow country lanes, easy dirt tracks, and trails. This biking is at its most glorious-through tiny orchards, witness colorful life along the riverside, pedal pass picturesque delta homes, pause to chat with welcoming villagers, and clack across innumerable wooden bridges. Cross narrow canals on a local sampan, before finishing at the main ferry for refreshing boat trips across the expansive Co Chien River. Ride the final few km to the very pretty Khmer town of Tra Vinh.

Overnight in Tra Vinh.

Day 21: Tra Vinh – Mytho – Ho Chi Minh (50km+ cycling) ( B, L )
After breakfast, start with a section of biking that cuts off road onto gravel and dirt lanes, and weaves around hamlets, across water channels, and through quiet dense vegetation. This makes for superb biking after a ferry across the gaping expanse of Cochin river from Travinh, the pretty tree-lined town with a large population of ethnic Khmer.  Then another section of crossing rivers and canals by numerous, ubiquitous, fascinating ferries, we bike through the route takes us through narrow roads and lanes, past banana plantations, fields of sugar cane, through the lush green landscape of the delta. The ride leads us right into the heart of the rural Mekong before arriving at Mytho – the gateway of the Mekong delta to end our cycling trip. From Mytho, we transfer a couple of hours to Ho Chi Minh City to avoid the busy traffic. Accommodation by your own account.



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